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About Us

Federal GovCloud

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At Federal GovCloud, powered by TechTrend, our most important goal is to support our customer’s mission.


We believe that the important work we all do needs to be freed from the constraints of legacy IT systems.


We believe in migrating to greater productivity.


Federal GovCloud brings your IT to the cloud. With our expertise, our key partnerships, and our record of past performance, we enable federal agencies to achieve significant cost savings and ever-increasing efficiency.


In partnership with major players in the cloud marketplace, we work with our federal customers to:

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Assess and discover your existing systems


Strategize and assist you with readiness for the cloud

Design & Build

Design and build your cloud presence, whether Infrastructure, Platform, or Software as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)


Migrate and modernize your enterprise systems


Host and manage your resources on the cloud


Optimize your cloud presence